Wednesday, September 30, 2009


As in my first post, I always loved trains.....if I was painting them, painting the tunnels, painting under the El, going to work, going to GF's house or other GF's city's, I always enjoyed them. So I found some old history pics that out date me. Some cool Subway cars from the 50's, some old trolly's that ran out to West Chester.....damn that's far, and some old EL cars.... As most of us think these days that SEPTA really sucks, there were days the company ran really well...I remember those days! EnjoyThe old Manyaunk Bridge.....hasn't seen a train in 20 years.
30th St Station. How many times have you waited for a train here?
69th St Yard. Mid 70's
Above and below: Vintage SEPTA subway cars that are in a train exhibit in the middle of the US

Trolly to Springfield. Tell Bart and Homer I said "What's Good?"
Another pic of a trolly to WC......soooooo far from the city...last trip was in 1954 in think.
MB....The All City King blessed this front car as he did throughout the 80's!! King!!
If your going to........West Chester? Grab me a stalk of corn and a glass of milk, 100%!

This is for ARH.....Im gonna miss you kid!! Good Luck!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Bike Ride Today......Thank God!!

Got on the bike today and took a 25 mile ride around Kelly Drive....little over 3 complete laps. It was fun. Took some quick pics as the fall sunlight was perfect. Glad I went when I did, it looks a little overcast right now and it may start raining. If you have never drove on Kelly or biked, you don't know what you are missing. Probably the best 4 miles in the city. Sooooo nice. Check it out.

Two videos and songs from a long time friend Chris "SEVEN" Savage. He and brother Danny have been making some amazing music since the early 90's. Danny was City Paper DJ of the year in 1995 I believe. Dudes are awesome and skilled in their crafts of winding beats and samples together. I have always been a fan. I got a lot of musical influence from them, thanks brothers!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Upcoming Cold and Tyler State Park

Photos taken last winter at Tyler State Park. I took Fiona with me for a 2 hour hike. I'm glad I'm finally uploading all these pics from the camera. My memory card was full. It took almost a year and a half to fill up. This was a really nice winter day, not to cold....the park was empty and the snow was beautiful. I miss this place and the fun I used to have here. Especially before Eagles gams on Sundays....yes a morning hike before a football game will get you ready. To yesterdays!! Cheers..xo

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Eternal Sunshine of The Braindead Mind

Art inmates life.............4:47 is where the beast comes out

Nice For Winter....

This is for It Has A Purpose.......

Our Legacy .......New Old FW 09/10-1980-81

Swedish label Our Legacy is good. Better yet, really good. They took their FW 09/10 and turned it into a radical well done 1980's high school fashion show. I'm into it! As you 80's kids out there should be!! Get it at Tres Bien Shop.....worth it dudes!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I still have a place in my heart for hip hop....yes it has been a long time since I bought a record or cd, but I still can listen to a straight rap song all day. As far as I can remember I have loved Gang Starr. It has to be because of DJ Premier first and foremost. I love Guru too, but the beat makes the song kiddies. I remember always reading the inserts or record sleeves of the cd's or album's I would buy and look to see where he found those god damn amazing samples. So I did some research of my favorite Premier produced tracks and here is a little taste of the original and the new version. Enjoy friends.... I miss the 1990's. Oh and BTW, Pete Rock produced the first track below by Nas...... Its probably one of the best best produced tracks in hip hop history!!

Nas vs Ahmad Jamal......

Jeru vs Lee Oskar

Benny Latimore vs Jay Z

Das Efx vs Norman Connors

Afu Ra vs Freda Payne

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ghosts and Skeletons

I finally uploaded these pics of the New Hope train street from last year. Jerm One and I took a trip and found these old train ghosts that are just sitting on tracks next to a utility road. They are super cool up close, and you can actually walk through them.....not sure if you are allowed but we did!! It was a fun trip!

Thumbs up to trains!
One the way.....nice scenery.
I'm a big fan of Broken Social Scene, have been for awhile and always will be. I like the fact they can get crazy and they can be the most relaxed band there is. Hopefully a new album will be on the horizon soon from these Canadian homies....check it! XO