Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Acquired At Pop's!!

So I spent the day with my 93 year old grandpa today. He is in not so great health these days and will be back in the hospital tomorrow to hopefully fix his legs....they just don't want to work like they used too...We sat and talked about the Phillies for about an hour and the next three about everything a 93 year old has built up in his memory, which if you knew my pop is a ton!! So I was doing some cleaning and came across some great finds in the second bedroom. Things he hasn't seen in probably 20-30 years. My mom came over and told me to take some things home and make use of them.....well you need not tell me twice!! Here are some great finds from the my pop, who I love and care for very much. He did help raise me!!! XOA really cool WW2 lighter and a mini bottle of Atlas Prager Beer from Chicago. I've seen these lil guys go for $50 for a set of two. From the 1950's.

Some more lighters from when pop was in Germany during WW2....They don't work, but they are awesome.
A couple of UAW CIO pins from when he used to work at Budds. The one pin is cool, it has the manufacturer who made it stamped on the inside. A utility knife that was from his days at the Navy Shipyard in South Philly. Congrats to the team for keeping your fingers and toes attached to your bodies for over a million man hours. And a bucking horse money clip/tie clip....take your pick. We tried to figure it out....No dice
Also a sweet pair of very old Binolux binoculars in the original case. I will cherish these bad boys!! So clean and professional. Time to bird watch on the beach if you guys out there know what I mean!! A sweet flannel shirt that hasn't been touched in 20 years. Last, a hat that must of been given out as a part of a neighborhood cleanup day!! 1980's? PMBC= Philadelphia More Beautiful Committee......this is funny on every level!! Oh and the hat was made in the USA...AS EVERYTHING I RECEIVED TODAY WAS!!! Besides the binoculars...made in Japan!!

Album Leaf is one my favorite music makers out there. I've seen him play 4 or 5 times in the last 8 years and he is great live! When he comes back to Philly, check him out! I'll be there for sure.....

happy bday joe.....

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