Thursday, September 10, 2009

cham·bray (s̸ham′brā′)

The definition of chambray is a smooth fabric of cotton, etc., made by weaving white or unbleached threads across a colored warp: used for dresses, shirts,'s the shirt and pants your grandfather wore when at war, at work, on the farm, in the tunnels, or just in the garage. They are timeless and can be worn at anytime. Yes American workwear is a trend to most, but to me it's paying respect to 140 years of our country and the people who built it!! You can easily find these at JCrew, Polo, RRL, or a normal Dickies supplier. Go get on it and wear it with respect. Just like my main man Steve McQ below. Now he is the real AMERICAN.....true!!

This dude is rad.....get into him!!! Tycho!

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