Monday, September 21, 2009

Fall Classic

We all in Philadelphia can't wait for the MLB playoffs to start. Ever since the 07 season, the city has pushed the Eagles aside and made the Phils top priority. I'm the die hard Philadelphia fan so this is my time of the year. Sixers and Flyers are soon to start as well. All 4 major teams at once!! Heaven!! The one thing the Phillies have in common with no other sports teams in the US of A are the 10,000+ loses in the franchise's history. Yes I know thats a ton of hung hats, but the players we have had in the last 110+ years are impressive. Chuck Klein, Grover Alexander, Steve Carlton, and Michael Jack to name a few. I would of loved to see the Phillies play in the 20's or 30's.....just the thought of real baseball with no dope, no huge $$$$, and the corporate snakes with the Mr Beer Lite ads everywhere!! Sign of the times since the late 70's. What are you going to do? BTW the Phillies have been around since the 1883 season as the Quakers and then 1884 as the Phillies....that's plenty of time for 10,000 loses. Right? I cant wait til the playoffs!!!

Monk with the Funk!!

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