Friday, September 4, 2009

If I Won A Scratch Off Lottery Ticket Or...

I have a few things I wouldn't mind getting if I had the chance...I will call them wants!! Needs? Nahhh some cool gear for the season ahead! I love the Fall/Winter. When the weather is 95 degrees and you feel like wearing nothing but a bathing suit, your brain is secretly telling you, "WINTER COMETH ASAP", well at least mine does!! Happy Labor Day weekend friends!! Be careful and enjoy the workers of this country and everything they mean to us. We live in the greatest country on earth, lets keep it that way......

Engineered Garments Kendall Jacket.....soooo good!

Bill Amberg Selvage Lugger Bag.
J.Press Lambswool CardiganBrooks Brothers Black Fleece, kind of old but I love the print!!!
Studio D'Artisan SD-003...The Japanese really get denim. It's still only a matter of time till the rest of the world catches up. They think they have, but they are not even close!!

Barker Black Derby Suede

Now I leave you with a video clip from a great movie....Always believe in miracles!! They do happen!! XO

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