Wednesday, September 30, 2009


As in my first post, I always loved trains.....if I was painting them, painting the tunnels, painting under the El, going to work, going to GF's house or other GF's city's, I always enjoyed them. So I found some old history pics that out date me. Some cool Subway cars from the 50's, some old trolly's that ran out to West Chester.....damn that's far, and some old EL cars.... As most of us think these days that SEPTA really sucks, there were days the company ran really well...I remember those days! EnjoyThe old Manyaunk Bridge.....hasn't seen a train in 20 years.
30th St Station. How many times have you waited for a train here?
69th St Yard. Mid 70's
Above and below: Vintage SEPTA subway cars that are in a train exhibit in the middle of the US

Trolly to Springfield. Tell Bart and Homer I said "What's Good?"
Another pic of a trolly to WC......soooooo far from the city...last trip was in 1954 in think.
MB....The All City King blessed this front car as he did throughout the 80's!! King!!
If your going to........West Chester? Grab me a stalk of corn and a glass of milk, 100%!

This is for ARH.....Im gonna miss you kid!! Good Luck!!

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