Friday, September 11, 2009

LOOPWHEEL of Fortune.......only in Japan

So when you put on a tee or sweatshirt next time, realize took probably only took 2 minutes to make and it was in a little factory that pay their workers $1 a week. That seems to be the American way for larger clothing companies these days. Kinda sad don't you think. It's all about the buck and not about quality. So in order to get a shirt/sweatshirt/jumper that is made like mom, pops, and nana used to wear in the 30's-60's, you need to look to Japan. A couple years back they brought back the Loopwheel knitting machines. A loooooong and methodical machine that weaves one meter per cotton per hour. Being slow means no excess tension. Fabric is being made with very much relaxed yarn, making fabric with softness which comes from cotton yarn itself. So basically in a nutshell a machines slowly weaves the cotton and then the cotton is taken to a factory where the shirts are sewn by hand. Sometimes only 10 of a particular style are made per day. Still the price for a tee is usually around $80 and up and sweats are $150 and up. Not a bad price for probably the best quality in the world. Let's bring this back to the states. I would pay to known it was made here in the states!! Here are some pics from the loopwheeler website. Check it out!!!

Now I was thinking of three or so years ago today and this is the song that popped in my head right away! I love the video as well. Just saw it for the first time about a week ago!! See Philly heads, there are good things to come out of Texas. Well Austin at least!! Happy Weekend and go you Hotspur!! Look for that 5-0 start to the Premiership season!!

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