Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Favorite Places.....New Hope PA

It seems like years since I've been to New Hope. Well it has been well over a year and half since I travelled up 35 miles north of the city to the small, quiet, riverside town. New Hope is an amazing little town full of restaurants, art galleries, vintage stores, and good people. I would have to say my love affair with this lil spot started in 1990 when my older sister Kim got married there. I just remember walking around being so into the art and the way the town looked. It was like something out of a book. You have to remember I was born and raised in the inner city so places like this were very foreign to me. I used to take trips to my Aunt Ida's and Uncle Paul's house in the PA mountains, so I wasn't totally wowed at first. New Hope was different then the mountains. I was never bored like I was at Ida's (sorry Ida), it's true. After my sisters wedding, I went up there a handful of times, but in 2000 it changed. I started dating a girl and she lived about 10 miles away from NH. We would always go to Wildflowers or Havana, walk around and go to the vintage store to buy some old Levi's or T's. It was my escape from the City life and I loved it. I remember going to Wildflowers one night, it was soooo cold and we ate outside. I ordered a Hot Cider with Rum and my throat burned from the heat. I remember buying the raddest pair of brown Levi's cords from the Night Owl. I remember my sister Candie putting me down with the Smiths in 1989 at a record store on some small side street. What was dope about that was Candie was only 13 and had awesome music taste. As my relationship ended after 6 years, I made some return trips with new friends and loves. My boy and I took a trip up to buy our girls some jewelry at Bliss and take flicks of the old train skeletons. While there we even took in a Norman Rockwell exhibit at the now closed Michener Museum. Don't worry all you art fans, the Michener's Doylestown site is still there. These times meant the world to me. I will never forget them.

Pulled my camera out and pointed at your smiling face. Enough said. Her Space Holiday has held it down since Indian Summer in the mid 90's. Hardcore anyone? Marc gets fancy with two amazing Japanese musicians...peep game and sit back like old folk sippin' tea for sport. xo

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