Saturday, September 26, 2009


I still have a place in my heart for hip hop....yes it has been a long time since I bought a record or cd, but I still can listen to a straight rap song all day. As far as I can remember I have loved Gang Starr. It has to be because of DJ Premier first and foremost. I love Guru too, but the beat makes the song kiddies. I remember always reading the inserts or record sleeves of the cd's or album's I would buy and look to see where he found those god damn amazing samples. So I did some research of my favorite Premier produced tracks and here is a little taste of the original and the new version. Enjoy friends.... I miss the 1990's. Oh and BTW, Pete Rock produced the first track below by Nas...... Its probably one of the best best produced tracks in hip hop history!!

Nas vs Ahmad Jamal......

Jeru vs Lee Oskar

Benny Latimore vs Jay Z

Das Efx vs Norman Connors

Afu Ra vs Freda Payne

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