Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spurs, Reds, Toon, Gooners, Palace, Magpies, Blues, etc

I'm glad my friends and I are football ( soccer ) fans!!! We get to share things only a small percentage of this country are even aware of. It's like everything else I do in my life outside of work. It has to be little known about by most people. We all know of the talent that plays throughout England and Europe these days, but what we need to do is look at the past. Pay respect to the game we now love, and call our favorite. Here are some pics from England's top division in the the 1940's-1960's.....No Bobby Moore here, though some nice pics of Sunderland's Len Shackleton or Arsenals Jack Lambert........

Jimmy Greaves- the English legend! What can you say about the kid Greaves. One of, if not the most prolific goal scores in the history of England! He scored 100 goals before his 20th birthday. He enjoyed an amazing career with Chelsea, Tottenham, West Ham, and AC Milan. In 1960 scored 41 goals in 40 matches for Chelsea, more then a goal a game....insane. Greaves did most of his damage though at Spurs in the midst of his prime. scoring 220 goals in only 321 matches. Good luck players of today matching that. His international goal scoring record is just as insane, 57 CAPS and 44 goals. So all be told this blokes career totals looked like this: 602 matches and 422 goals scored. Take a look at a real GOAL SCORER!! Great Hot Spurs shirt!!

I'm not a huge, big, or small Elbow fan, but this track is nice and simple. I really like it actually. And they are English so it sticks with the theme of theeee post.....xo

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