Monday, September 14, 2009

Wallball aka Suey aka Old Guys Taking Out The Young

To Defeat and cant mess with the 30 somethings.....Frankfords finest took you young 20 somethings out.....I'm just kidding. What is better then a HUGE Eagles win over the Panthers in the opener, a Phillies doubleheader sweep of the sad Mets, and enjoying the time spent with the squad. I can't say much off anything......right?

And if you notice, Thai is wearing a super fresh Steven Alan shirt. Man you are a prettyboy assassin of the schoolyard. If you people out there have no clue what Suey is, hit me up and I'll explain. All I need to say is that it was banned by grade schools in Philly in the late 80's early 90's because kids where coming into class with welts and black eyes. I say it makes you tough, others are tooooo soft for it.

And to Drew and Andy, great idea taking the shirts off, your welts are blue and yellow today....congrats.


This is super sad I know after posting a day of fun with friends, but it gets me down that these days are far and few between. We need to make the most of our days off, we really do. Well anyway, this is for you Cap N Jazz, Joan of Arc, Owls, American Football, etc fans...I really respect this dude as a songwriter. And if you're from Chicago, enjoy your city through the video. XO

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