Friday, October 30, 2009

Bikes Bicycle Cycle

Some old Cycling photo's from the early to mid 1900's. Check everything out from the frames to the clothes. No flashy neon colors, skin tight jersey's, or team cars trailing and coaching every move they make. This is when the rear derailleur was not invented yet and mountain climbs were performed in one single gear. Hmmmmm take that Lance....
Early road gears and I'm sure he is climbing an insane mountain...yikes
The photo above is from the Point Breeze section of Philadelphia circa 1918. Yes Philly once had a Velodrome as most larger city's in the east coast had. These were raced by many blue collar workers within these city's. This is super cool.
Coppi's first Bianchi
The Vigorelli in Milan in the 40's....nothing but Cinelli and Campagnolo on this track.

Tandem Tandem Tandem.......funny, but this is a real race photo from the 30's.

-I looked up the band Antarctica and this is what popped up. Its actually not that bad. Japanimation in full effect? The song Absence comes on at the 1:17 part. It's radical. And the Kid 606 track to start it off isn't too bad either...

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