Friday, October 2, 2009

Erin's New Salon/ Workerman Gallery

My friend Erin just started her new shop in the Workerman Gallery in Manayunk on Cresent St. It's an old wood crafter gallery that fits her needs just right. The place is amazing. It features handmade furniture by Ben Johnson and his father Joseph. Some really amazing pieces. I was super impressed. All pieces in the shop are for sale so if you people out there that love hand crafted and well made furniture, you found your heaven. And Erin is one of theee best stylists in city! Hands down. Check her out if your lucky!! Or if she is available!!

The beer is for the rad clients only!!

Her voice is insane and the song is even crazier!! Begging for someone is sooo 1973 Dolly.....c'mon!! This song is great and the one piece is crazier!!

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