Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's Nothing But Time And A Face That You Lose.....

Philadelphia is where I am from and will probably always live. It is a big city but small enough to know pretty much everybody in it, and surrounding it. It's a city that is not for the faint of heart, or for the softies. We are a city of hard workers who wanted to make a name for itself and did. We are stuck between DC and New York....not that hard to see why we are always passed over for all the good we do! We will always welcome guests, as long as you do not trash us or talk shit, you will be kindly asked to leave and never come back if you do yap your lips. We will miss you though. Here are some flicks of City life from 1900-1950...most of these photos were taken by Robert Newell and were found in The Library Company of Philadelphia. Some things to think about next time you walk down Walnut or Market St or ride your bike through North Philly. The history of this city dates sooooo far back and it's beautiful!...Be proud. And on a side note!! GO PHILLIES!!

Benny Golson is a Philadelphia Jazz legend! He has been around since the mid 50's and has played with the likes of Coltrane, Heath, and Philly Jones. Below along with Lee Morgan, you will see him on Tenor Sax getting loose. This is amazing. xo

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