Monday, October 5, 2009

Smokie, Bear, Gumball, County Mountie, Evil Kneivel

The above terms are CB lingo for police. Trucks really moved this country. You can take that saying any which way you want to, but it is a true fact. Before all the delivery by planes and railway, trucks were the way to go. If it was your milk being delivered to your doorstep or a package being sent from a loved one Christmas Eve, it came by truck. War time now and then rely 90% on trucks to get around all types of terrain and land masses. I remember driving up Rt 309 when I was young with my Pop and we would count all the Big Mack trucks we would see on our 2 hour trip to my Aunts house in the mountains. While in the mountains I would see all the old vintage farm trucks and pick ups from the 50's and 60's that were in amazing condition. Just another means of transportation while living the mountain life I guess. I'm really craving a International Scout. I want one really bad. Or even a old Ford Bronco ( pre OJ ) even a 80's Grand Wagoneer. Wood panels are the way to go!! Agreed?

Stranglers are a dope English band that have been through 4 decades. This may be their best song. In 1981 when it was released everybody was bugged out by the waltzy tempo, I think it's a good way! Plus people say this track is about Heroin. Beats me, probably is!! So what, fresh in every way!!


  1. Wow I love these old vintage photos of vehicles. They really take me back in that time, it's a nice warm feeling.

  2. great post, and over all great blog, Definite stop on my online commute!