Thursday, October 8, 2009

You Know You Are A Legend When.....

A company 29 years after you die puts your face on the back raw hide patch of a pair of jeans or a company remakes the exact replica's of everything you wore in the Great Escape. It's insane how much Steve McQ changed the game.....the game of being an American bad ass and being loved for it. I'm sure all of you know by now of how he lived his life and didn't really give a shit what people thought. Turned down the lead roll in Breakfast at Tiffany's and Dirty Harry because he didn't want to do another cop flick....really? You can Wiki the rolls he turned down in his life, they are crazy. Anyway to get back to the reason for this post!! Here is a company from Japan, Toy's McCoy that are remaking all of his apparel, exactly like he wore it! Hmmm, wonder why American companies can't figure out what great style is all about. Only a select few people in this country can tell you who he is anymore, especially my age and below. Your weekend project is to watch as many Steve McQueen movies as you can (not during Phillie's or Eagles games of course) and get back to me to tell me this dude wasn't the shit! Oh yeah and I'm not talking shit on American fashion and brands, but get your game up......we are being passed by our own style from 1960!! I guess Ed hardy T's and Affliction denim are the new standards of cool.

These dudes are not very Steve McQueenish, actually they may be, but the title of the song is perfect for this blog....A Circular Reeducation. Think about it!! TGIF!! BTW, Dusty Brown is really really really good! Buy up all of their records.

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