Friday, November 6, 2009

Stereo And The Roses...

Growing up a serious skate nerd was probably the best thing that ever happened to me. I met a ton of great people, have life long friends, and learned not to follow the leader. Skating in Philly was nuts in the early to mid 90's. Love Park was in full swing and tons of dudes from other city's would come shred. One team comes to mind that made a difference on how I looked at boarding after they came and that was the Stereo team. Jason Lee and Dune blew my mind. So graceful and so big, tricks were perfect every time. Carl Shipmen was sick as well. By then Lee was a legend already from his Blind days, but I never got to see him in person like some of my other friends did in the late 80's. They just got that team back together and Stereo is up and running again which is good for skateboarding overall. Jason Lee is way to Hollywood for skating now, but check him out in Stereo's A Visual Sound from the 1994ish. BTW Ethan Fowler's part killed everybody's in the vid.....

I can't believe I never posted a Stone Roses video. By far one of the raddest groups to ever play. Ian Brown is crazy, we all know that. I wonder if he still loves Bape as much as he did a few years back? Anyway, Sally Cinnamon was my favorite and will always be. Please pay these dudes a million dollars to play again. I believe he did play at the Gastonbury Festival in 05'...don't quote me on that!! And again at the Carling Festival in 2006!!

Have a LEGENDary weekend friends......go EAGLES and see you in March Phillies. We know you will be back and in full swing. I can't wait!!

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