Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good Deals For Xmas Time

We all know this is the time of the year to shop and care for others, I get it! I always break the bank on family and other loved ones and walk away with a pair of socks and a stick of deodorant from 1987. It's all good, I love gifting for other people. It makes me happy. Something else that makes me happy is shopping for myself. So I put together some items and sites that keep you looking aight and still give you extra bread for the other people in your life! Enjoy and stay fresh!!

Ebay is the place to look if you want 25%-80% off most items. If you don't care about vintage aka already been worn items, you are in for a treat. Check out some insane deals!!

Levis LVC Customized 1950's Popover. This retails for well over $250, but here it is BNWT for $94.....Whhhhhhhhaaaat?
RRL Selvedge Chambray Work shirt. $150 off!
1940's Outdoor Life Mackinaw Jacket. $9.99 starting bid, great shape!
German Laco watch.....Usually $400, on the Bay for BIN $117....straight from zee Germans.
Band of Outsiders baseball jacket. $400 retail, on the Bay for $230. This is for Thai, a bit snug for my big frame.
Steven Alan LS button down. Starting bid $4.99.... C'mon.

Lands End Canvas was just brought to my attention thanks to Dance P on Saturday. Super nice product for really good prices. Check the site out.... They have a collab with Allen Edmonds in the shoe department that is killer!

Sierra Trading Post.....Barbour Jackets 50%-80% off. Nuff said. The jacket above is the microfiber jacket that retails for $430 and is on sale for $130. Do it Do it Do it!!

Now I was talking with Jude last night and he told me about the new AG and OC record that came out two weeks ago, OAsis. This album is redic, so good. I loved these dudes since the early 90's. This is one of the 17 tracks that are on that album, everyone is a hit! Well a hit to the people who know. Peep it!

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