Sunday, January 31, 2010

Carhartt...Detroit to Europe

When most of us think of Carhartt, we think Union workwear. Well since the mid 90's Carhartt has been a regular label in Europe making awesome denim, canvas pants, jackets, and all other sportswear. As you can see below they really make nice product, it's like it kills all ideas of what Americans have of Carhartt. It really does. 99.9% of us would never imagine that this hardcore American brand puts out pieces that are this great!! Here is some slight history on the brand and the UK line taken from the website. Enjoy!!

Carhartt Inc. was established in 1889 in Detroit, Michigan USA by Hamilton Carhartt. For over 120 years Carhartt has been dedicated to its mission of providing Best In Class apparel for the active worker.

Standing for rugged construction, innovative design and exceptional standards of quality, durability and comfort, Carhartt workwear has become a legend in the skilled trades.

Since 1994 Carhartt has been distributed in Europe through Work In Progress Textilhandels GmbH. Starting to distribute the regular collection from Carhartt Inc., Work In Progress processed quickly to adapt Carhartt to the European market. In 1997 the first selection of pieces made especially for the European market were added to the regular collection.
Carhartt grew to one of the leading brands within the European Streetwear scene.

Today, Carhartt is known for a supreme collection and its dedicated support of upcoming artists, musicians, skateboarders and BMX riders.

With an own skate and BMX team, the support of internationally recognised events such as the Rebel Jam and the European Skateboard Championships, and the collaborative work with recognised artists – Carhartt is present in many different subcultures but still sticking to the core idea of providing innovative design and exceptional standards of quality, durability and comfort.

Look below, even the Women's lines is great!! Well done Carhartt!!

Some music that has sparked my interest as of late!!

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