Friday, January 8, 2010

Cinematic Orchestra Music and Photos

The Cinematic Orchestra might be one of the best sounding bands that are playing in the world right now. They are so clean, crisp, and just play music the right way. They incorporated some great solo acts into there usually instrumental style for the album Ma Fleur which was released in 2007. What makes this band even better is the time they take to make the music, they use the same amazing feelings when making the album art. On Ma Fleur they used photographer/artist Maya Hayuk as the main go to person. Her photos are insanely good. Each photo corresponds with a song on the album. The first 10 photos below are used as inserts in the CD/Record design. A really simple but innovative style which I really like. Check this band out asap! Another great one from the UK!! Well done!

Some live vids from The Cin Orch......

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