Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Deadbeat Summer and the NB 670's

So I just bought my first pair of sneakers that were not Vans since 2006. I decided to go with a Made in the UK banger.....The New Balance M670's. A rad looking shoe that brings me back to the mid to late 90's into 2001. I really haven't been into a sneaker since I got my Paul Brown Blazers like seven years ago. I also just won 3 vintage Double RL shirts as well coming via Ebay. It was a good week on the BAY for me and Mr. Rayban Duong!! And on a side note, I am on the shoe jock super hard this week. Dunno, getting ready for the upcoming Spring!

So I'm really feeling this song. You can call me a Hepster, but if you wanted to dance to something Lo-Fi, I just hit your target audience. And if you call me Hep, I will do some damage to you son! But really, I really feel this song. Dance you deadbeats!!

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