Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gitman Bros Vintage....Philly to Ashland PA

So before I go into my rap about how awesome this company really is, here is some history of the company taken from the Gitman website. Don't worry, I'll speak my mind! Oh and another thing about this rad company, they are makers of Burberry and Hickey Freeman shirts. That just tells you that these two well respected companies use a legend to make there shirting. Proper!

Gitman Vintage is an American heritage sport-shirt and neckwear line that pays tribute to its past, but with a distinct difference. While continuing to honor the importance of a finely crafted button-down oxford and the indispensable pinpoint, the design team at Gitman dusted off old line books to curate an authentic interpretation of the past by selectively appropriating their favorite fabrics and having them remade (Spring/Summer 2010, for example, is recreated from Spring/Summer 1984). The line also recreates le mode retro details, including original double-track stitching, chalk buttons, locker-loops, box-pleats and is reissued with the original "Gitman Bros. Est 1978" label.

These shirts are a good way. Handmade in Ashland Pa which for my Philly heads is about 2 hours Northwest of the city. Look, I love a great plaid shirt, but the Gitman Bros rock theeee best I've seen. They just open up the catalog of past years and release it, simple but effective. Prices are very fare for USA made. I mean I know companies that sell made in China shirts of shit quality for way more. Not cool. Support another well made, union made, USA made company. Keep it in the family!! Just look at these shirts below, unreal!

Here are some quality websites that you can get these choice excellent shirts at starting with a dope Philly store in Olde City!! Get em asap!!


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