Monday, January 25, 2010

Weaver, Shofolk, and Yuketen

Cool shoes from Yuketen, Weaver Moccasin, and Shofolk x Edwin.....Most are from Japan, but if you want I know some spots to order them from. Ok Ok Ok!!

Yuketen- It's funny how awesome these damn shoes are. Everything they put out is amazing. Of course from Japan!!

Weaver Moccasin- Very hard to get outside of Japan!! A classic take on Clarks from when they were still made by Padmore in Ireland. Fresh!

Shofolk x Edwin...I posted the other shoe to this killer combo a couple months ago. Japan denim giant Edwin gets up close and personal with the already dope Shofolk Armstrong model. Dopness is what happens when you put your foot in these killers

I was on the Wagon tonight so I thought it would be a good choice of songs to pick from....Dino Jr.. If you don't like J, then you can go put your head in a microwave and put it on the baked potato setting!! Puff your headless!! Enjoy your Dino Jr and have another drink or sodie water on me!!

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