Sunday, February 28, 2010

CoSigned: Ghostly International!

A quick gear tid bit before the music post! I've been looking for a Hickory shirt or railroad shirt for some time now. I was looking at a bunch of bike sites and I came across Rivendell a couple years back so I stopped by for a visit to see what was available in the frame game. So I decided to see what vintage or older style cycling gear they had and stumbled on the shirt below. So glad I did! Made in USA and a really good price! I can't wait to get it!!! Check out the site if you haven't before, some cool bikes and other radical cycling goodies!!

I have been lacking on the all music posts lately, sorry and my regrets!! I have been listening to a ton of Monster Movie and MBV lately but all these Ghostly bands have been sneaking into my random 9000 song shuffle list on the walk to work. I'm a big fan of laid back music and Ghostly provides a bunch of it. Check out the label and see if you can find any thing that floats your boat! I'm sure you will!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

SassaFras and Friends

On my daily Tour De France through the worldly gear game, I found this site called the Utility Co Op. They have some cool Japanese lines that 99.9% of America hasn't even heard of yet or would even think is a clothing aka Corona....not the beer, but a really fresh Japanese label. See below for the Wow factor. Some cool looking Spring time gear to get you motivated, or me at least. Check Utility out, you will be into it folks!! And yes, I'm on the Japanese jock again! They are so damn rad. And a note to my friends who want to convert that US Dollar into Yen, check it. $1=89.14 the math.





Q And Not U in Philly in 2004...this was a crazy good show. I guess I should of got in the mix so I could of been in the eye of the action cam!! This band was on Dischord and they carried the torch for Washington DC and the label that brought you Minor Threat, Rites of Spring, and the rest of the best punk in the world!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some LVC That I Slept On

Some Levi's LVC product that I have been sleeping on for a minute. I have to get on this stuff asap!! Well if they ever have my size too...ha

Finally someone posted an Antarctica video....long time coming!! Listen and love these dudes!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bronson vs Chopper

I don't really post too many movie blurbs and preach what is a good movie and what is not! I'm not that versed in all the movies ever made like my man Freddy Sagittarius is. Last week Dance let me borrow the movie Bronson and I instantly wanted to watch it again. Tom Hardy kills this movie that is about English inmate Charlie Bronson, not his real name just a nickname given to him by a fellow crooked crook. This movie reminds me so much of another great movie Chopper. Eric Bana was bananas in the movie about Aussie inmate Mark "Chopper"Read. Ten years difference, but just as good!! Check them both out! It will make a great and weird feeling night!

The Bronson Trailer


Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Bit More Acquired Ebayness

Finally got a pair of Naked and Famous denim. They are a really dope company that is full of fun and life. They make tons of cool things including Selvedge baseball gloves, selvedge ties, and a range of really good shirts. Brandon from N&F sent me a look book of the whole line last year and it was very impressive. Japanese denim made in Canada.
I won this super vintage Chore selvedge jacket from Carter's. Made in Hew Hampshire, probably from the 70's or 80's. Not sure if this company is around anymore. I looked them up for a minute and the only thing I found was this cool ad. Ebay is a tricky site to travel through and find the things you want, but if you look hard enough, you will find what it is your looking for. I will post picks of the jacket when I get it in the mail. Oh yeah, cost me $50...not too bad!!
It's funny how little hip nerds on other cool guy blogs comment on how it's not cool to post older music, or being behind the curve on new music is so lame. Look lil dudes, new music pretty much sucks, we all know this. There is nothing really out there changing music minds right now. Soooo when people act like bands like Middle East or Passion Pit are sooooo rad, do the math, they are really not. Just a temporary sound in your ear for 2009-10. Sorry kiddies, it's the truth. Here is a band that was way to hep/hip before that word even mattered. Good night folks!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Acquired On The Bay!

Got these in the mail today!! Vintage LL Bean Boots on the Bay for $50!! Not a bad deal...made in Maine. Not sure how old these are but they are fresh and beefy. I like them so should you!These are the songs of the day. What I listened to walking to work. Thanks snow, you have taken my bike away! Thanks to HBM for putting me down with this band 11 years ago!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mr. Ande Whall

So I just ordered a pair of Naked and Famous Tan Selvedge Slim Guys. I didn't get them in the mail yet, but I am already thinking of my next pair of denim for spring. And after talking to Dance a couple months ago about this broham from New Zealand that is making handmade denim per order, I had to check it out. When I first looked, he was using Cone Denim for the 08/09 lines, and now he using 14.5oz denim from Okayama Japan. The price went up to I think. If not mistaken, the Cone Denim were a bit lighter in weight and $150 compared to the $265 now. I could be wrong. I look at a ton of denim on the regular, I wish I was a machine. So check out his website, he offers free worldwide shipping too, so no need to worry about the insane $30 shipping cost. And check out Denim News for some wash and wear updates on a pair of 9 month old Whall's.

I have been addicted to The Aasee Lake for a month or two now. They put out a split with At The Drive In back in the late 90's that was really good. I really can't find too much besides a myspace page and some newer bands the guys have been working on. If you older skate dudes remember the Louisville hardcore band Endpoint, singer D Barlow plays guitar in Aasee. It's sooooo good and worth checking out. Here is the link to their page...enjoy

Well I just checked Youtube and guess what....A new post. Thanks!!