Sunday, February 28, 2010

CoSigned: Ghostly International!

A quick gear tid bit before the music post! I've been looking for a Hickory shirt or railroad shirt for some time now. I was looking at a bunch of bike sites and I came across Rivendell a couple years back so I stopped by for a visit to see what was available in the frame game. So I decided to see what vintage or older style cycling gear they had and stumbled on the shirt below. So glad I did! Made in USA and a really good price! I can't wait to get it!!! Check out the site if you haven't before, some cool bikes and other radical cycling goodies!!

I have been lacking on the all music posts lately, sorry and my regrets!! I have been listening to a ton of Monster Movie and MBV lately but all these Ghostly bands have been sneaking into my random 9000 song shuffle list on the walk to work. I'm a big fan of laid back music and Ghostly provides a bunch of it. Check out the label and see if you can find any thing that floats your boat! I'm sure you will!!

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