Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mr. Ande Whall

So I just ordered a pair of Naked and Famous Tan Selvedge Slim Guys. I didn't get them in the mail yet, but I am already thinking of my next pair of denim for spring. And after talking to Dance a couple months ago about this broham from New Zealand that is making handmade denim per order, I had to check it out. When I first looked, he was using Cone Denim for the 08/09 lines, and now he using 14.5oz denim from Okayama Japan. The price went up to I think. If not mistaken, the Cone Denim were a bit lighter in weight and $150 compared to the $265 now. I could be wrong. I look at a ton of denim on the regular, I wish I was a machine. So check out his website, he offers free worldwide shipping too, so no need to worry about the insane $30 shipping cost. And check out Denim News for some wash and wear updates on a pair of 9 month old Whall's.

I have been addicted to The Aasee Lake for a month or two now. They put out a split with At The Drive In back in the late 90's that was really good. I really can't find too much besides a myspace page and some newer bands the guys have been working on. If you older skate dudes remember the Louisville hardcore band Endpoint, singer D Barlow plays guitar in Aasee. It's sooooo good and worth checking out. Here is the link to their page...enjoy

Well I just checked Youtube and guess what....A new post. Thanks!!

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