Thursday, February 25, 2010

SassaFras and Friends

On my daily Tour De France through the worldly gear game, I found this site called the Utility Co Op. They have some cool Japanese lines that 99.9% of America hasn't even heard of yet or would even think is a clothing aka Corona....not the beer, but a really fresh Japanese label. See below for the Wow factor. Some cool looking Spring time gear to get you motivated, or me at least. Check Utility out, you will be into it folks!! And yes, I'm on the Japanese jock again! They are so damn rad. And a note to my friends who want to convert that US Dollar into Yen, check it. $1=89.14 the math.





Q And Not U in Philly in 2004...this was a crazy good show. I guess I should of got in the mix so I could of been in the eye of the action cam!! This band was on Dischord and they carried the torch for Washington DC and the label that brought you Minor Threat, Rites of Spring, and the rest of the best punk in the world!!

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