Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Are You Coming To America Ever?

Sad Lovers and Giants are one of my favorite bands from the Eighties. One of those bands that really never blew up like the Cocteau Twins or The Soft Boys. I'm not saying the two bands I just brought up were huge record pumping bands, but they had their shine in the UK for a minute. So I just checked the SLAG website and they just played shows in Greece last week. Really? Greece?? I mean I know its a hotbed for Post Punk and other styles (sike) but take a trip over the Atlantic for the for the first time in your bands 29 year existence...c'mon. Anyway this band has broken up more times then Brad & Ang so maybe this is the reason for the fear of the USA? Check em out, they had a good sound and cool sounding frontman!

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