Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Septa, PTC, and PSTC

Found some more really cool pics of early Septa trolley's from the 60's, Philadelphia Transportation Company Trains, Philadelphia Suburban Trans Company, and some sweet snow removal trains. It's funny how 40-50 years ago we had 3 different companies doing the transportation work for the city and the burbs. If that was still around today, I think I would still be a fan of taking Septa and PTC. It's ashamed that one company has to ruin a cool means of travel. Maybe one day we can back to the glory days of efficient city travels. Take a look and see the backgrounds of these pics. Nice cars, cool city scenes, and logos of the PTC. It's kinda like the Flyers logo. Thanks to Bob Coolidges site for these great flicks!

Woodland Ave above.

Below, we coulda used this machine for the streets this winter.

Check these old 60's video's that show the PTC and the Snow Sweepers. No sound, but a great video. The second vid is from Wayne Ave in the mid 60's.

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