Monday, March 1, 2010

Superdenim UK- The Best of Sites

This is a website that makes mr drool every time I click on it! Superdenim UK is one of the best gear sites in the world. It carries the best of Japanese and English worker labels, you know the one that makes your wallet cringe. The list of brands they carry is ridiculous, RMFB, Real McCoys, Lee Archives, and Viberg Boots Japan. If you're lucky, you can get some awesome sale product sans the VAT tax....but all product is priced in Pounds so the conversion is straight garbage. Check out what they have and have fun dreaming! Hit me up if you wanna order, I'm into picking something up!!

Rocky Mountain Featherbed

Post Overalls


Denim Demon
Joe McCoy

Lee Archive

Studio D'Artisan

You will be seeing a ton of these videos in the weeks to come. They were the soundtrack to most of my early 90's youth! Prolly the best group to me in Rap history, hands down. I hope he didn't really pass because they have a ton to give to music. Hard To Earn!

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