Sunday, March 14, 2010

Temple U til I Die

As the NCAA bball brackets were just announced, I wanted to share with you some collections of pics of Temple then and then, with some now sprinkled in. To start, I love all things Temple, yes even the football team! We had a great year, and we are gonna build on it next year. The number one love is the bball team. I have been following them since my big sis Kim went there from 1986-1990...I think those were the dates, correct me if I am wrong. I remember most players that have walked through the N Broad campus since I've been following. Well enough about my love and on to the pics below. We have a who's who of elite players that were proud to wear the Cherry and White. Guy Rodgers starts the flicks off with his insane style and he did lead Temple to a host of final fours and a #3 Ranking!! Among the last couple there is Coach Chaney and Litwack along with Pepe Sanchez, Eddie Jones, Mark Macon and a cast of others.

BTW, we were given a #5 seed today, TOTAL disrespect! If I still went to Temple, I would hold protest on campus!! Maybe not!! hahah

Guy Rodgers above.

Temple v Kentucky in 1957

Coach Litwack and Coach Chaney

The hypest ball player to walk through Temple during the Chaney era! Mark Macon!! LEGEND
The crowd VS Joe's!!

Man, Eddie Jones was so banggin' to watch!! He was from Florida, but had that sweet Philly style! Thanks for the Elite 8 Eddie!

Dionte! Scoring Machine!

ok, my freshmen year at Temple I went and watched Temple play Tulsa. And seeing Pep play for the first time in person. it was the 96 season. The start of the crossover era, thanks AI!! So Pepe was in no means the fastest player on the court....ever! He was so methodical and so snail like! So he was bringing the ball up the court at his normal turtle pace and bammmm, he rocked this Tulsa player with a insane bust your ass cross....this was at McGonical Hall, not the new place. 5000 people went nuts!! NO lie. He broke this dudes ankles so hard. LEGEND!!
Lynne Greer, rad jumper, rad ball player!! E&S Legend

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