Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Wants of Spring and Summer

Just some new and old things that I want to get my hands on or maybe just think about! The shit I'm on is wrong but it lasts long.....this time of the year makes me think of the gear game going into the summer. I know most of you are the same way who read this blog. C'mon let's get wild and rock some crazy get ups this summer!!

Buzz Rickson

O. Spencer
Engineered Garmets

Look at that radical detail above.....the shirts with the K&L are all Oliver Spencer
Steven Alan is a beast

FP the way to BE

I will be rooting for England all World Cup this year except for the first game!! Who R Ya?

Remember Vans were for the skate kids or the kids that used to skate or the girlfriends/wives of dudes that used to skate or bike dudes or kids that knew their history. Now go to Urban Outfitters and take your pic. I'm a Vans dude til I die......Unless they sell to Supra....hahaha. NEVER

Listen with your eyes and see with your ears....hmmmmmm

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