Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Some Of This, Some Of That...F/W 2010-11

Some wants, not needs for the upcoming fall/winter here in Philly! The Prism glasses are spot on!
Prissssssssm! I need these bad boys!

Gitman once again on point!
Hellers Cafe with JCrew! Insaneo
McCoy kills it again. They have also brought out vintage Champion Tees! Made in the USA and they are available at SuperDenim.co.uk

1967 505's....still love em'

Vans OTW......no superlike!

The Yuketen!
Nothing! Only the best from Philly! Get on this ASAP!! So good! Great work Nicky

<a href="http://wearenothing.bandcamp.com/album/poshlost">пошлость (poshlost) by nothing</a>

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